Courses at Expert Web Support provides basic, intermediate, and advanced courses in business application of web technologies. We assume that our customers want to develop web sites to support some business need. This includes, but is not limited to, e-commerce sites that sell products and services directly from the web.

XWS serves three distinct markets:
  • "Done For You (D4U)" clients. These are clients who want to focus on their business, not on the web technologies that support their business. Their business is sufficiently profitable to afford the premium services provided by XWS.
  • "Do It Yourself (DIY)" clients. These are clients who want to do their own web development. Often these are entrepreneurs who are starting a business that is not yet profitable enough to justify D4U services.
  • "Web Wizards (WW)". These are members of the XWS virtual community who provide web development services to XWS clients. Web Wizards are recruited, vetted, and evaluated by XWS to ensure that they provide effective, useful services.
XWS Courses serves each of these markets.
  • Courses for the D4U crowd provide information about how to maximize the effectiveness of the premium services that they use. For example, the course on "Communicating with Web Wizards" provides tools and techniques thatmake it simpler for the client to get what they need from their development dollars.
  • Courses for the DIY crowd ...
  • Courses for the WW crowd ...
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